Advanced PHP Training

Introduction to web technology 1 week
Client and Server 1 week
HTML Basic tags and attributes 2 week
HTML5 New Elements,Form Elements,Form Attributes,Input Types 1 week
CSS and CSS3 3 week
Layout Design 1 week
Javascript 2 week
jQuery 1 week
jQuery slider,Validation,UI 2 week
Bootstrap 3 week
Static Website Project 1 week
mySQL/mySQLi 2 week
Core PHP 2 week
Advance PHP 2 week
PHP OOPS Concepts 1 week
Basic Ajax Concepts 1 week
Project using PHP and mySQL 2 week
CMS-Wordpress 2 week
MVC- CodeIgniter 2 week

A2itSoft provides real time and professional training on Advanced PHP with live Project. This Course is for those students who are looking career in web development by using Advanced PHP. In this course we cover both basic & advanced in php which includes deep knowledge of Advanced PHP with oops Concepts.