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MTA: Networking Fundamentals 

Certification Exam: Microsoft

MTA program is the most relevant Program, MTA prepares students not only for Industry, but for future Network Technology exams as well.”


Type Regular Weekends
Duration: 15-20 Days 3 weekends
Hours: 3-4 Hrs a Day 6 Hrs a Day
Course Content Microsoft Technology Associate Microsoft Technology Associate

After the completion of MTA training get the “Certificate of Completion” & you can get International Certification from Microsoft USA.

Some of the common topics covered under MTA certification include: 

Understanding Networking Infrastructures 

  • Understand the concepts of the internet, intranet, and extranet
  • Understand local area networks (LANs)
  • Understand wide area networks (WANs)
  • Understand wireless networking
  • Understand network topologies and access methods

Understanding Network Hardware

  • Understand switches
  • Understand routers
  • Understand media types

Understanding Protocols and Services

  • Understand the OSI model
  • Understand IPv4
  • Understand IPv6
  • Understand names resolution
  • Understand networking services
  • Understand TCP/IP


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