About Industrial Training (B.Tech/ Diploma)

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Q1. What is Industrial training?
Q2. Industrial training Vs Certificate
Q3. Need of Industrial Training
Q4. Where to get the training
Q5. Points to keep in mind while choosing a training institute
Q6. Our Recommendation
Q7. Based on you

What is Industrial training?

Industrial training is a practical training program of six months that covers the final year of engineering student’s degree. Industrial training plays vital role in your career. The training can be in any particular technology as per your area of interest as well as current trend of industry. Industrial training builds your career as it makes you ready to enter into another phase of life here your career begins.

Industrial training Vs Certificate

There are many institutes in our localities which are offering you industrial training certificates in particular stream without attending classes. It might be fulfilling the requirement of your final year’s evaluation but it would never compensate the loss of your career. It leads to spoil the investment of your parents as well as the time period.

Need of Industrial Training

In college, we just interact with our syllabus while industrial training provides us the opportunity to deal with live projects which not only excel your technical skills but also escalate your final year’s grade. It makes your project impressive and helps you to be getting placed in reputed MNC with handsome salary packages. It really boost the technical skills.

Where to get the training

The most prior point of our discussion is that where to get the industrial training. There are many institutes in the tri-city which are offering industrial training with fake promises. Make you fool with fake commitments such as they will provide you placement assistant, quality education, deal with live projects and many more. But in actual there is no any live project to work and no such placement drives are conducted by institutes.

Points to keep in mind while choosing a training institute

  • When choosing your career, you should consider three factors: passion, competency and demand. Firstly make a list of career options going in your mind and opt for the best career options.
  • Secondly, make a list of institutes which are dealing with technology which you have chosen. Must have two to three demo classes so that you have more surety about your decision.
  • Go and collect your enquires and make sure the projects are really exists which they are talking about.
  • Must check the year of establishment of the company and also check the national/international certification of the company which will definitely affect your resume after successful completion of industrial training.
  • Check the proper placement record of placed candidates.
  • Also check their client’s names.
  • Get brief detail of your module. If they are really dealing with live projects then will definitely have answers of your queries. It will reflected by their way of communicating.
  • Analyze the infrastructure of company like labs must be well-equipped with latest devices.
  • Online and written tests must be conducted to enhance the technical skills of trainees.
  • Organization’s strength is their experienced staff. Their staff should have excellence knowledge in their field.
  • Apart from this it should be ISO certified institute.

Our Recommendation

I would recommend the students to come up and take live demo at A2it Pvt. Ltd. at Mohali. You will get to know what you should do to excel your career.

Hope it help you. Best of luck!

According to my perspective, industrial training plays significant role in life of engineering students. It helps students to be prepared for interviews. It also helps to major projects more impressive which escalate your performance in final year. During industrial training, students get an opportunity to interact with new students and new administrator staff to share their ideas as they work in groups and learn the team spirit skills. I would recommend A2it Pvt. Ltd. to all students for industrial training as they provide full day class. They provide extra efforts are provided by our staff to boost the capability of every student.

Based on you

Now it’s completely up to you to make a right choice for your career because it is the most crucial decision of your career. So take your time to make an appropriate decision.